Laser Light Show Closed Loop Scanners / Galvos

One Stop Laser Shop, Inc. carries only the industries best in high quality galvanometers from companies like Cambridge Technology and Eye-Magic Infinity. What ever your requirements may be we have the best possible galvo / scanner to suit your application. All are backed by a one year warranty.



Eye-Magic Infinity EMS 4000 Scanners

Set includes:

  • 2 EMS-4000 Infinity 38K Scanners with 99% Dielectric Mirrors
  • 2 EMA-1200 Servo Amplifier Cards
  • 2 Scanner Mounting Brackets
  • 2 Cables Sets (Scanner to Servo, Power, and Signal)
  • Supports 5.0mm apertures
  • 55 Degree Scan Angle

New stronger magnet with 300 deg.C plastic coating will never flake or jam the rotor

Price $635.00 US  Five or more sets qualifies for an additional savings

Optional: +/- 24VDC power supplies prewired plug and play ready.


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