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About One Stop Laser Shop, Inc.:

OSLS is a small, Hi-Tech company that manufactures computerized laser light show products for use by production companies, fixed venues, and touring groups around the world. Our customer list spans the range from major theme parks, to universities, rock groups, NASA, and the U.S. Government. We are certified for safety by the CDRH. We pride ourselves on low cost alternatives, mixed with the latest technology, and a little common sense.

Even if you have never heard of OSLS before, chances are that you have seen our equipment and software at work. Recent installations and performances include: FOX TV Magic and UFO Specials, Discovery Channel Know Zone Laser Special, Hard Rock Cafe Extreme Magic Laser Show, Trump Castle 2010 Laser Show, Motion Picture Virtuosity Laser Special Effects, as well as touring productions with top touring groups, and we have dealers in many foreign countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Mexico, Italy, China, South America and Japan.

OSLS's Full-Auto is the best selling laser lightshow controller in the world. More Full-Auto software is sold every week than most other top brands combined. The undisputed top laser lightshow hardware manufacturers in the industry use our software to demonstrate their products. Due to it's extreme ease of use, production companies using Full-Auto can provide their customers with a custom show, complete with company logos, text, graphics, and beam effects, for about the same cost as many other production companies charge for a canned show. With Full-Auto, these effects take minutes... not hours. This gives you a tremendous advantage over your competition.

OSLS specializes in innovative high performance products, that offer outstanding features at the lowest possible price. We are so sure of our product quality and ease of use, that we offer a full money back guarantee.

The following is a brief summary of the most often asked questions about OSLS.

* Pricing. Our regular prices are 25-50% less than comparable high quality laser lightshow equipment from other manufacturers.

* Dealerships. If you qualify as a dealer and are purchasing quantities of parts, you may possibly be eligible for a discount (depending on the product) off of our regular low prices. If you are a dealer, you automatically get a base discount on most hardware and software, but higher dealer discounts are based strictly on quantity.

* Software. The Full-Auto controllers are among the best selling systems in the world because they are easy to use, come with a high quality image and animation library, and are upgradeable. The most complex projector can easily be controlled by Full-Auto, without the need of any programming language. It is very quick, and very easy. The software can be instantly modified so that when the customer boots up the program, your company logo or any other information is displayed on the start-up screen of the computer. The computer can be set to automatically boot itself up and run a laser show, when turned on. Full-Auto imports most other major brand laser graphics, and come with several complete ready to run shows. You also get up to $3000.00 worth of animations and beam patterns free with Full-Auto.

* Rentals. OSLS will rent / lease software and or equipment; also if you wish to do so as well our time-lock hardware key allows you maximum leverage when dealing with slow-pay customers. The software can be set to require a different password every month. You give the customer a password over the phone when you receive their payment. If they don't put in the password, the Full-Auto systems will shut down until they do. Back-dating the computer clock or reloading the software will not bypass this security feature. Simply ask for "Time-Lock" when ordering.

* Hardware. The new OSLS hardware line is now one of the hottest selling on the market because of its ruggedness, low cost, and high quality. We manufacture all of the parts necessary to build complete laser lightshow projectors of any size and complexity. We also use the top performing Neos PCAOM's and Cambridge galvos in our "Plug & Play" laser lightshow projectors and systems. These complete systems are very high performance, but are also very easy to set up, and very easy to use.